Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grass not always greener

OK I just wanted to share this with you because it was so funny. I took my two year old with me to Walmart the other day so I could pick up a few things. He has been having a terrible two's WEEK! I swear he has been really rotten all week long. He does have a cold/allergy thing going on and he is two so I guess I cannot expect perfection. But as soon as we entered the store he threw a HUGE FIT because I would not let him walk and he had to ride in the cart. If he does not ride in the cart he touches everything and if he touches everything he usually breaks something or knocks it down. If he walks he runs and if he runs he falls and he always falls. I am sure you know what I was going through if you are a Mom or Dad, then you must have dealt with a two year old in a store before.

So he throws a fit, a big everyone turns to look at the screaming kid fit right there by the shopping carts as we walk in the door. I tell him to knock it off and he must be good in the store or he cannot come shopping with me. He calms down after a bit and we continue on our shopping.

We go down a isle that is kind of small and I have to pass another person's cart so I have to move out of the "safe zone" (the center of the isle). Now his little fast and sneaky hands are within reach of cans of beans on the shelf. As fast as a bunny he reaches out and tries to grab a can of beans, which he cannot grasp his little hands around and so onto the floor the beans go. They must have been Magic Beans because lucky for me the can did not dent or fall on to something else and break something. I correct my two year old again and again he throws a fit, and again I have to remind him about being good in the store.

Onward we go, and we are in the garden section of Walmart. Whew we are almost done. My two year old is happy and quiet, enjoying the garden section and talking about tractors ask we pass by the lawn mowers. And my ears hear a very familiar sound, a screaming child! It is another two year old and she is throwing a huge fit. Her mother and father look around as I did before to see all of the eyes upon them that their screaming child has attracted. They spot my two year old sitting wonderfully in the cart and he says like on cue "Hi girl, don't worry."

So now I am a super proud Mommy, and I smile at the little girl's Mommy. Her Daddy says look at that little boy sitting in the cart being so good, you need to learn how to do that. Amazingly they think my two year old is a GOOD BOY! He is really but he just threw TWO fits, and now they are wishing that their two year old would act like mine! I tell them quickly that their little girl is already acting just like my son, because he has completed two tantrums in the store already. They laugh and we all move on to shopping.

It is funny that they were wishing that their child would act like mine, and that is something I tend to do too when I see a child acting so wonderfully and my child is not. I will have to remember that next time. I might be wishing for something that is not there, or for something that I already have, because I just caught their world for a split second and they have the same two year old troubles as myself.

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