The Real Mom in Me

I have been every kind of mom you can think of.  When I was nineteen I became pregnant with my wonderful life changing daughter so I was a teenage mom.   I married her dad just because I thought that I should and because it was not a mature relationship or a match made in heaven I became an abused mom.  Thankfully we had another wonderful child and he joined the military which helped our relationship somewhat because he was gone a lot with the military duties.  This made me a Military wife mom!   Oh we lived everywhere and I met so many wonderful people along the way.  Carefully guarding my children each and every step of the way, being a soccer mom, a stay at home mom and a I just work part time mom because the Army does not pay very well.

After my two wonderful children's father got out of the military there was no one but me left to tell him what to do and how to do it, and we no longer got along.  We moved to a new town and after three days there moving boxes still standing in the living room he left taking all of our money in the bank account with him.  I became a single mom!   I found a job quickly thank you God, and we lived our lives struggling to make ends meet and mostly me struggling with guilt of never seeing my children anymore because I was a Working Mom working about 65 hours a week to support them.

I was an in debt mom and really struggling because I did not receive any child support, my children's father decided to take all of the money we had in the bank set aside for a down payment on a home and our children's braces and leave with it.  He decided that the he deserved the money we received every month from the property management company from the house we owned in another state, and never sent it to pay the mortgage. So I became a bankrupt mom.

I really had to take a hard look at what I wanted because the path I had chosen was not the one that I wanted to be on at all.   I started listening to Dave Ramsey and God, but not really in that order.   I had squandered away my life and now I could not provide for my children the way I wanted to do.  So I decided to try harder and really look at what was important.  I had to concentrate on my children and taking care of their needs.

I became creative in the ways we used our money.  I found ways to save in quite a lot of things we liked.  I kept going finding sales, using coupons, and no longer making any debt.   In the process a very old friend of mine and I became good friends.  We started seeing each other after his divorce and we have been inseparable ever since!   We have both made too many mistakes in the past to rush into anything so we are just barely engaged but we have a beautiful wonderful "surprise blessing" in our four year old son.  My new love has children from his previous marriages and sometimes my house is BRADY BUNCH full!   Now I am a stay at home or work part time mom again.  I would like to take some classes soon and finish my degree, then I will be a going back to college mom!

I have always found writing as a creative outlet for me and my opinions and feelings that should never be bottled up!  I had to stop writing once because of jealousy and I will never do it again.  One of my friends suggested I try blogging after she had trouble keeping up with all of the cool deals and goings on in my life.
I am sure you have already figured out that I love to write since my "About Me" section of my blog is about a million times longer than anyone else you will find.

I have too many good memories and ones to make to keep it short and sweet I guess.  What I want to accomplish in this blog is sharing my love of life and children with you.  Showing you how you can take your few dollars and make something really special for your family.  Take just a little basically and make it a whole lot.  Think of my blog as some really awesome home made chicken noodle soup that your grandma made out of leftovers.   Made with love, frugally and so wonderful you will remember the taste of if your whole entire life.   LOL  WOW Someone thinks mighty high of themselves!  HA!

I have so many experiences being a Mom.  My two oldest children are so great and wonderful.  They have turned out so well.  I decided to share a few ways to help the Mom in you:

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