Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Save Money With RepairPal!

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Ya'll ever heard of a "shade tree mechanic?" If you looked that phrase up in the dictionary, I am sure you'd find this guy next to the definition! Hee hee!

RepairPal.com is a nifty little site and I wanted to share with you. I don't do any car repairs at my house, (I save that honor for the hubby!) But, we do SAVE, SAVE, SAVE by doing most of the repairs ourselves.

RepairPal.com can help you save too. My ex-husband once took our car to the dealership to have the brake pads replaced...$600 DOLLARS LATER I was broke, and livid! (Notice I said ex! LOL)

Now I have a really smart, kind and thrifty man in my life and he changes the brake pads on our vehicles, my daughter's, he showed my oldest son how to do it, and he has even changed the pads on his Mom's car. So instead of paying $600 we only pay the cost of the pads, which is about $40 bucks. HELLO! I don't care who ya are that is savings right thare! :)

But sometimes doing your own repair is just not feasible and then we check out RepairPal.com because they help. Say you want to take your car to the "experts," but are afraid of getting ripped off, well RepairPal Estimator will give you the a price estimate for a specific repair job, to compare it to another estimate to make sure you're getting a fair deal.

RepairPal.com also has a service that finds a repair shop for you! It is a great go to site for everything from light bulbs to recalls.

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  1. O... I will have to tighten that belt even more...Thanks for the post!

    Mary/Sweeping Me

  2. Following you back from the weekend! Great tip...I will definitely keep the site in mind the next time we're faced with a car repair. I'm lucky like you and my husband does most of our repairs but sometimes you have to take it in!

  3. Thanks girls! It sure does save when ya can DIY! :)


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