Monday, April 4, 2011

Is your Stockpile Prepared?

As the news reports oil costs per barrel keep rising and even Walmart reporting that inflation costs effecting prices. Over 0.06 in only two months! We as Mothers need to start tightening our belts even more.

Inflation and oil prices might not sound like something you watch but it is something Mom’s need to keep an eye on. We have to look out for our family, and try to stretch our family’s budgets but how can we when the world is basically working against us?

Well, just like everything in life just because it is hard does not mean we can give up. It just means we have to be more creative! Watch the sales even more, stock up on our staples, and buy as much as you can when there is a deal for it. You are already doing that right? But maybe we should step it up one more notch and think about other staples like first aid, and water.

I need more vinegar!

If you don’t already have a stockpile of food I want to strongly encourage you to start building one. There are two reasons for this. One, with oil prices on the constant rise that means our food costs will only continue to increase even more than they already have. If you keep tabs on the costs of food the food you buy with a price list you will notice that one too many items have increased in costs since last year. If the cost of the item has not gone up then unfortunately you might find that the amount of food in that box or can has shrunk. That I am sure you know this is a trick some companies use to keep their costs the same. But think about it you are actually getting is less!

Then there is the second reason and here I so don’t want to sound like the dooms day gal but we should really think like the Boy Scouts and be prepared. The world is seriously unpredictable. Look at what is happening in Japan, and how unstable we are right now as a country. I am not saying to look at all the bad going around and panic but what I am saying is let’s think about our family and how we can completely protect and care for it. Having a stockpile of food and supplies just in case is not a freaking out Y2K type panic but a smart idea. If the solar flares caused a two week shut down type of concern here on earth could you still feed your family?

I need to donate that box of Hamburger Helper, cause we won't eat it!

Like I said I am not freaking out in a panic, but I think it is just smart to have a stockpile of food and supplies. So when your basics and staples are on sale or you have a coupon to go with it to make the item a deal go ahead and buy a few more, just to have. If the prices go up and they will, you will still see a huge benefit of having a terrific stock pile on hand in your pantry.

My pantry pictures show clearly a huge mess! But to be honest I am in the process of remodeling that area and what you see is a work in progress. There is also another area of the house that I keep more food, but that is also a bigger mess and I could not bare to show it, even I hate looking at it! LOL I will give you some pictures of it soon though, if I dare. :)


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