Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Deals for the taking!

We were having a discussion today in the car (we were on a long all day road trip) and we were talking about the perfect place to live. We were not talking about on a beach somewhere but how far away we would like to live from the town and the mall. :) We all agreed that we would like to live outside of town but about a 15-20 minute drive from the mall and all of the major stores. I guess my kids are a bunch of shoppers like me! Dad says that the mall prices are too expensive and he is right if you don't look for the deals. I have taken my kids shopping about a million and a half times just enough for them to know that you can go into a store and find a good deal if you just look hard enough.

Here are a few deals we have spotted in the last couple of days:

Tonight you can get a free root beer float at a Sonic Drive-In from 8 pm until midnight. This is a great fun treat for you family after supper. I took my kids to this deal all the time and they have it about once or twice a year. Great way to kick off summer. Come early because they do run out. To see the promotion and find your local Sonic click here.

I have been to Walgreens lately and they have a great deal on eggs and milk. Any dozen eggs are just 99 Cents and a gallon of milk just $2.99. A loaf of bread used be just 99 cents also but they raised the price to $1.50.

The New Balance Outlet in Oxford Maine has some great deals on their clearance shelves, inside in bins with the sizes marked on them and outside in a tent. You can get a new pair of New Balance shoes for anywhere from $10-19. There are higher priced shoes that they have marked down but they are not low enough for me to consider it a good deal. My two year old has really sweaty/sticky feet so I have found if I buy a all leather instead of plastic shoe like Walmart offers his feet don't sweat as much and there for don't STINK!

The Dollar Tree has 3 liter sodas that as you know would only be $1 since ever thing in the store is $1. My kids suck up the soda no matter what I pay for it. I cannot keep a bottle of soda for long in my house no mater what kind it is.

If you are near North Conway, NH you might want to head down to the store located right next to the Dollar Tree. It is a new store and has some great prices on fashion jewelry. This is great for last minute gifts or just for fun. I found several bracelets, necklaces and earrings for just $1. They have nicer sets in there and the highest price I saw was about $10. This is all the same new stuff they have at Clair's or Target.

North Conway, NH has tons of Outlet stores and you can get good deals there too, but you have to be careful just because the sign says Outlet does not mean you are getting a good deal. Know what the cost of the item is before you are buying it. This can be done by just paying attention to how much you are paying for something. Know where your money goes.

Grocery store shopping will save you money too if you know what you are getting. If you go to a store that doubles manufacturer coupons like Shaw's or Food City you will save twice as much money for the items you buy. When you save you coupons and wait for an item to go on sale that you have a coupon for you save even more. If you have a $.50 off coupon and your store doubles coupons and the item goes on sale for $1.00 you get the item for free! Stores that will accept competitor coupons or offer in-store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons saves you even more!

If you know of any deals let me know. If I spot any more, and I will I will do the same!

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