Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reuse, Lucky enough, Enjoy!

So I had a deal with my Grandmother, I would move back home to Colorado and I would sell all of my junk to be able to move home on a CHEAPO budget. She would let me have stuff she has in her HUGE farm house to replace the stuff I left behind.

I was really excited to be able to have all of my Grandmother's cookware. She has been cooking up some delicious dinners for me all of my life. When I was learning how to cook I would try my hardest to make it taste just like Grannies!

I just put away in the cupboard a entire set of fabulous Saladwear cookware. I know this stuff is good and long lasting because it was made long before I was ever born and it is still perfect!

I thought I would post this because one, I was so excited and two because it may give you an idea of how you could save. Pool your family's resources together and trade or get what someone else may not need anymore.

The stuff that is tried and true has a better chance of lasting than the newly made uh hum poorly made stuff that is around for you to purchase with your hard earned dollar!

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