Friday, April 29, 2011

My Thoughts on Children's Claritin

I was sent a FREE package of Children's Claritin from BzzAgent.   It really came at just the right time because our spring allergies are kicking in full swing!   My son and I both have the sneezes and the sniffles and well it is not a pretty sight.   

Another thing that my son got from me is a high sensitivity to medications.  I sometimes take children's doses so I don't feel loopy!   So I gave my son half of the regular children's tablet and he did stop sneezing and sniffling.   I made the mistake of giving him the chew-able pill around 3 p.m. and he was up until about 2 am with his buzz.   

That is not Claritin's fault though the next day I gave him the pill first thing in the morning and we had an all-day relief and he still was able to fall asleep normally that night.  

I know that the pill is chew-able and there for it has to taste good, but I hate the fact that this children’s pill has artificial colors and flavors in it.  So if I could change that I would, I am sure if they thought hard they could come up with a pill that had some natural stuff in it.   My son is highly affected by most of the junk they put in just about anything with a "children's” label on it.  You know the junk, Red dye #40, Yellow dye #6, and the stand by High Fructose Corn Syrup.   

I once gave my son a "children's allergy medication that is supposed to melt away on his tongue and he started bouncing off the walls later and I had to back track to figure out what we slipped up on.   I read the label of that medication and found the bad guy, red dye #40.   That I could not figure out, why does it have to have colored dye in it if the medication melts on their tongue and they never really see it?   

I might sound like a silly Mom, but I can assure you that my other two kids got all that crap in their systems but I didn't notice any affects because they were not as sensitive.   I still fed them good food don't get me wrong but I was not as close as a label watcher as I am now.   I still offer fruits and vegetables with every meal, yes I said every.    Tonight we had Alfredo Chicken, Alfredo Noodles, Garden Salad, Watermelon, Cottage Cheese, and we are finishing it off with Strawberry Shortcake.   I always make too much food but there are always tons of veggies and we have salad and cottage cheese like a million times a month.  

So with all that digression I am here to tell you that I will still give my son the Claritin, in the morning, and half a dose because it worked.  I would prefer that the extra junk be excluded but the allergies out way that bad.  It works bottom line.  That is the most important thing during allergy season because I know how miserable it can be to sneeze so much that your sides ache and your nose is just raw from blowing it.   Not to mention eyes that feel like they are filled with sand.   Allergies stink.   I am very happy with Claritin.   What do you use for allergies?  

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