Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Save Money by Vaccinating Your Pets At Home!

OK Honestly I never thought of this and I am frugal inside and out! I have always looked at every aspect of our lives trying to find ways and areas we can save but I NEVER thought of this! Until now!

So here is how I found out... My older step-daughter (she is 24) came to live with us and we now live out in the boonies in farm country. She once had chickens when she was a child and my Grandparents have an old chicken coop on the property. That coop gave her an idea and she asked (begged) me to let her have some chickens to raise. I was fine with it as long as I don't have to gather eggs. That used to be a job I was sent out to do and I HATED IT!

But I do like fresh eggs, and love the idea of our own eggs (cheap, no pun intended!) So we went to the farm supply store this Monday to get some chicks and feed. In the parking lot of the store a couple was sitting on their tailgate giving away free puppies. I told everyone to not look and keep walking but somehow like magnets we were drawn over to the puppies...and it was then I was suckered in!

I say me, because if it were up to anyone else in my house there would be pets everywhere and messes! So I have the final say and I am not sure why I was so weak that day but I caved. We now have a new puppy, a Black Coon Hound - Red Heeler mix with pretty blue eyes (maybe that is what got me!)

Anyhow, I am a big softy sucker face and we have a cute puppy. He is a puppy though and the second day started wanting to chew on stuff (like my shoes!) That we cannot have. I needed to get him some chew toys. Because if you want a dog to not chew on things you have to give him something else he knows that he is allowed to have. So we went down to the local Farm Store again to buy chew toys and we took the pup with us. The lady behind the counter like me fell instantly in love with our cute little Copper (that is the name we chose for him.)
She was covered in puppy kisses by the time we left. She also asked if we got his shots yet and we said no, and she said well ya know we have them here. I was surprised because I thought I had to go to the vet for that.

Come to find out you can give them at home, Rabies is the only one you need to go to the vet for. You can go HERE for more detailed instructions and even a how-to video!

I bought his first set of shots for $7! Ya, I said $7! That is a HUGE Savings! I will still have to take him to the vet for a Rabies vaccine but I won't have to spend a fortune now because I am just ONLY going for that rabies shot! Sweet! With our other dog I walked out of the vet for the first time with a price tag of about $140! So check your local farm supply store for the vaccines, or you can even purchase them online. I looked it up at one site and the shot I just gave my pup was about $4.29 and with the shipping I am sure it would put it at bit over my $7 cost, but still way cheap than the vet would charge!  Here at you can get a vaccine for about $5!

I might be sucker for puppies but I am still frugal! LOL

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