Saturday, July 16, 2011

Men’s Shaving

Now here is a topic that you won’t find too often in the Bloggy Mom World. And right now you might be thinking that it is funny that you find it on my blog too. Here is the thought on that; my blog is essentially saving money and parenting and not just us fantastic mammas do that we also have wonderful men doing the same thing. Secondly I have two children who happen to be male, and I was once a single mom to one of them. His Dad was not around to give tips about men’s shaving so I had to fill that role. That is hard to do if you don’t have a clue. Also some products designed for men, work just as well on Mommy!  I have compiled a few tips on this topic and I thought I would share.

  1. Just because you are a woman does not mean you cannot use skin care products for men. Aside from the scent they will work just as well on your skin too. I like to use their shaving products better than those designed from females.
  2. Men’s shaving is rather a simple subject unless you have a sensitive skin concern. Going with the grain is something that everyone should do, except in the case of the neck area. Sometimes if you try to go with the grain in that area you won’t get a close shave and will have a stubbly little line of left over stubble.
  3. Use hot water or wash your face first before you begin shaving. Then wet your face before applying any shaving products.
  4. Rinsing frequently is a major tip. If you rinse often you will have a smother shave and will be less likely to have a nick or cut. Rinse your razor in running hot water after every pass on your face to avoid build up in between the blades of your razor.
  5. If you do have sensitive skin try to avoid after shave or any other skin products for men that has excessive amounts of cologne or perfumes, but that does mean you have to avoid them altogether. Lots of companies have products designed especially for sensitive skin so check them out and give them a try.
  6. One men’s skin care product you like in the summer may not work well in the winter and it is probably not the product. It could be that your skin’s moisture level has changed and your skin is drier. Try to lightly moisturize in the winter and use some sort of skin care product in the summer that has an SPF in it to save time and save your skin from sun damage.
  7. If you are in a pinch and have to shave but don’t have any shaving products keep your face and the razor as wet as possible. I know my man has shaved like that in the field while he was in the military. He still came home cute!

Seriously shaving with out any shaving products can be done you just have to be extremely careful and go about it very slow. I know I have shaved my legs before in a pinch with only the water in the shower and some soap. I would not recommend it for daily use though, this is only in an emergency.  Shaving does dry your skin, and is harsh so avoiding friction is a major concern.  Finding a great men's facial product that works well for you skin type is the key to a smooth shave.  Here is to keeping it smooth!

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