Sunday, May 5, 2013


OK I know that you have not heard from me for a very long time but I have a really good excuse... I got married!    YAY! 

Dave and I have been living together for about 7 years and have been together for about 2 more before that.  I was in a very terrible relationship before that and I didn't really trust my judgement.  Then life got in the way but I have always wanted to get married and this year we decided to take the big plunge!  

We have been taking classes with the Pastor and planning and planning and working.   I had a very small low key wedding and it still was a TON of work!   But I got my picture perfect church wedding that I have always wanted.   Now I can share with you a few of the things that I learned!   Maybe you want to plan a wedding for yourself or someone else.  There were many surprises along the way that I never knew about before and I wish that I had...

First things first the dress....

I bought it at David's Bridal at one of their $99 sales.  No it was not $99 all of those (like only 4 in my size) did not work out.  But this one was really cute on me, I would have never picked it.  It was $299.   Then it needed altered, and I did not take it back to David's bridal because it was too far away.  I found a local lady that does alterations.   My alteration lady does a ton of dresses for brides and prom and she said that the David's bridal dresses are famous for needing alterations.  It is almost like they are trying to find a dress that is needs work.   But all and all I think for $400 I found the perfect gown for me. 

Surprise that a wedding dress does not already have a bustle included or sewn in, that seems just stupid.  I would find a way to google or Pinterest way of a DIY for that next time..  If you only need that done there is no sense paying someone to do it. 

I am 5 foot 9 and here is something  else I did not know...dresses are made for average women even plus size dresses are only made for 5 foot 6 women.  This means I could not wear shoes with a heal any higher than 2 1/4.  Apparently those small little heels are out of style because only jacked up stripper heels are to be  found easily.  After searching and searching and searching some more I finally found some online and I was very pleased with them in the end.  The search did start to worry me however! 


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