Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am getting sick of Franklyn

My two year old has discovered Franklyn the cartoon show. He loves it. He says everyday Mommy Franklyn, Mommy More Franklyn, Mommy Franklyn on! He is very willful and demanding. He wants the show on even though he may not be watching it. Just for security background noise I think. So even when he is coloring, or playing with his toy trucks and trains he wants to have Franklyn on.
He will tell me Mommy Franklyn Fire Safety, when he watches that episode. That is cute. So I know he is picking up some of the information off of the show. I am glad he is watching Franklyn at that point instead of some of the other programs on T.V. Like during the elections recently he must have seen Obama on T.V. one to many millions of times because he can recognize a picture of Obama from anywhere now and he tells me Mommy Obama. It is incredible what their minds can pick up.

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