Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

Since you may be like me and have the Spring Fever Bug, I am sure you are cleaning spaces and places that have collected a bit of dust and grime over the winter. I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning for days now. I have a huge house so it takes a while for me to get it all done right.

I have been using my microfiber cloths for all of these jobs. I use my microfiber cloths daily! They work so well and it eliminates the need for paper towels which saves me so much MONEY!

I have been looking around for more microfiber products and I found this one that I thought I would share with you because it is such a great deal:

Amazon has Zwipes 6-Piece Microfiber Dusting Kit for just $12.98!

Product Features

* Easy-Glide mitt design for quick interior detailing
* Convenient folding interior and exterior duster
* Lint-free, streak free, no chemical residue like other car dusters
* Cleans without chemicals
* Cleans interior dashboards, instrument panels, console, and plastics

Kit contents include: (1) Exterior Folding Duster, (1) Interior Folding Duster, (1) Interior Detail Dusting Mitt, (1) 3-Pack of 12" x 16" Cleaning Cloths.

Click here to check it out or to order yours.

This is a great deal, and I don't know why but I have noticed that if you purchase your microfiber supplies in the automotive section they are cheaper than the home/kitchen section. It does not seem fair but the microfiber cloths are cheaper for the men and their garages than the women in the house but that is the case.

I have about 40 microfiber towels that I use daily. They wash up really easy and I don't need to use paper towels for cleaning.
I use my microfiber towels as dish cloths, and I don't use as much detergent that way.
I have use my microfiber cloths to dust with, and to wash windows.

THEY WORK AWESOME FOR WINDOWS! You will love the results once to try one. I won't go back to paper towels or other cleaning cloths again.

I had to clean about 40 windows a few days ago, (my front porch is all glass.) It is right next to the street so it gets lots of road grime I call it. The windows also had not been cleaned all winter so they were yucky! I used two towels one for wet and one for dry. I just used like two tablespoons of window cleaner for all of the the windows. The microfiber cloths did all of the work for me. They were streak free also. I hate to clean a window and see streak marks when I am done.

This is a great way to save your green, because they work so well.

You can reuse them over and over, so unlike the swiffer dusters, and products you won't have to be using something that is disposable and have to keep adding to your trash, and to the expense of having to purchase replacements every time you clean.

I guess I cannot say enough about microfiber cloths! Someone may thing that I like them or something, hehe I really do. I told my Mom about these, you really will be saving so much money when you switch to these.

Do you use microfiber? I would love to hear from you about what you think about them.

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