Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's in My Mail Box

So I received my mail today and it is not too bad!

I got my first issue of my free one year's subscription to Working Mother Magazine, My $8.49 refund check from Touch of Gray, a Free sample from Cosco of a Ziploc Fresh Shield, and my sales ads for Rite Aid and Food City.

I noticed in the issue of Working Mother Magazine they have an article called "Found Money", but when I read the article it explained how to avoid hidden fees the credit card companies charge you. The article is interesting if you use credit cards. I do not and would not recommend any one to do so. I have been following a guy named Dave Ramsey you might have heard of him. He does not advise anyone to use a credit card. He says if you cannot pay cash for it then you cannot afford it.

Too bad some of our leaders couldn't have taken some of that advice.

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