Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Freebie Samples, & A Magazine Subcription

Here are a couple of new freebie samples. If you never have requested samples before you should know that the Walmart/Sam's Club Samples come pretty fast and not always but most of the time when you get a sample you also get a coupon for that product.
I typically request samples when ever I see one available. It is nice to find little gifts in the mail. I tend to get a sample or two or three every week. SOMETIMES MORE! So check out the new samples below!

Get a free sample of Healthi Feet foot cream and a $2.00 coupon, CLICK HERE.

Register HERE for a free sample of Nexcare Give bandages and help spread the word about the importance of blood donation.

CLICK HERE for a free Walmart sample of Bodycology hand soap, lotion and mist in your choice of 2 scents! One of them is my favorite Coconut-Lime!

Walmart also has a free sample of Sun Crystals All-natural sweetener with stevia, CLICK HERE FOR THAT SAMPLE.

Know anyone that surfs? You can get a Free Subscription to Surfer Magazine if you CLICK HERE.

Get a free sample of Nescafe coffee if you CLICK HERE. You'll get a free sample pack with 6 flavors!

Sign up HERE to get a free beinggirl Sample Kit. Just fill out the quick survey below to begin! Included in the kit are:2 Regular Tampax Pearl Tampons, 1 Lite Tampax Pearl Tampon, 1 Always Infinity Feminine Pad, 2 Always Pantiliners, and 1 Always Feminine Wipe. When you sign up you have to enter a girls birth date. I entered my daughters. This offer is for girls 13 years to like 19 I think.

And lastly, did you know that Hannaford offers FREE nutrition classes across New England, covering numerous topics, from Eating for Healthy Blood Sugars to Prenatal Nutrition, and just about everything in-between?

All classes are taught by registered or certified dietitians, and all are FREE.

Our classes are fun, interactive, and come with food samples and coupons to give you an idea of how delicious healthy eating can be! CLICK HERE to find out when a class is near you.

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