Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ramen Noodles and Chicken Bullion

Want to save some green on Chicken Bullion? There is rarely a coupon for that stuff. But I have discovered that I can save money when I buy Ramen Noodles for my kids. They are super cheap and my kids love them as a snack. I have found that if you don't follow the directions when you are making them they taste much better and you don't use as much of the seasoning packet that comes with the noodles. This is how we do it:

Just put some water in the pan to boil and put your noodles in, DON'T add the seasoning! When your noodles are done and put what you want into the bowl then open the packet and sprinkle a little bit of it on top of your cooked noodles. Stir up the noodles and taste. You can add more seasoning if you want but most of the time we only use about 25% of the seasoning packet or less when we make Ramen. When we make more than one pack of noodles we don't even have to open another seasoning packet.

So what do you do with the remainder of the seasoning? I put it in an old spice jar and use it for chicken bullion. I never have to buy chicken bullion. Ramen Noodles are so cheap it less expensive than buying a jar of chicken bullion.

Or you can use your own noodles that you get on sale and make your own Ramen.

This also flavors up some ordinary white rice very well to make your own Rice-A-Roni.

Another Yummy way to eat Ramen noodles is to crack an egg in the boiling water and stir, to make some yummy egg drop soup.

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