Thursday, July 23, 2009

FREE BOOK IT Material For Homeschool Families = FREE PIZZA for your child!

CLICK HERE to enroll your homeschool and get free Pizza Hut Reading Award Certificates and materials from BOOK IT!

BOOK IT! runs every school year from October through March. The teacher sets a reading goal for each child in the class. A tracking chart and reproducibles are included to make it that much easier. As soon as a child meets the monthly reading goal, the teacher gives him or her a Reading Award Certificate.

Pizza Hut is proud of all BOOK IT! readers! The restaurant manager and team congratulate every child for meeting the monthly reading goal and reward them with a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza, BOOK IT! card and backpack clip. Every child who meets their reading goal in all six months of the program receives a BOOK IT! All-Star Reader Award from Pizza Hut.

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