Friday, January 29, 2010


Do you re-use the leftovers in your house? I know some people that refuse to. I think that is just plain silly and like throwing your money out the window. Besides ya know that spaghetti tastes two times better the next day as it did the first night you served it!

Even though some folks cannot imagine using leftovers I find it is a part of my life. First of all at any given moment we can have two-four extra family members eating at our table any night. So I cook a bit extra. The cool thing is that if no one shows up I have food for lunch the next day or I can re-serve it again in two nights later! That makes cooking time much less.

You can also cook extra like a double batch of a certain recipe and freeze the rest for instant fast food! The easiest way for me to reuse our leftovers is the way my mom used to. She would say and I quote, “If you don’t eat all of that tonight ya’ll are gonna eat it again tomorrow!” It works! But the cool thing is that it does not have to be the same.

Cook a big batch of Chili and then if you have leftovers you can freeze the rest or make chili dogs the next day. Serve it on top of nachos; make a southwestern style casserole with the chili a bit of rice and some cream of tomato soup.

I love to make left over casseroles with taco and spaghetti leftovers. Like tacos for instance I just mix up all of the taco stuff like meat, beans, diced tomatoes, onions, cheese add a can of tomato soup and cream of mushroom soup layer it in a casserole dish with the mix two or three soft tortillas or hard taco shells or even tortilla chips top with some cheese and bake until it is heated through. Sooooooooo yummy!

You can do the same with spaghetti put it all in a dish add extra liquid or cream of mushroom soup and cheese and bake!

What is your favorite left over creation?

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