Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Shopping Bags!

This bag, The Hip Chic 2 is super fun and would hold so much of your great buys! It is almost 30 inches wide at the bottom! It is 28 inches from top of strap to bottom and 15 inches deep. Another great feature of this bag is that the zipper from its past life still works making the opening of the bag even wider if you need it. CLICK HERE to purchase this bag or to go to the Web Store and see other bags!

I just recently made a few more bags that I am sure you will enjoy. I also just made a visit to Harvest Hills' Nine Lives Thrift Store and got a bunch of new material that I am so excited about. Big thank you to all the girls at the thrift store, not only do they volunteer their time but they are all so very nice and helpful!

All of my bags are made from Re-purposed material that is purchased at the Harvest Hills Nine Lives Thrift Store. So all material had a past life, and the price I paid for the material is benefiting the animal shelter. Since it was once a skirt or a lets say a table cloth you can wash these bags over and over again.

Maybe you have not considered a hand made reusable shopping bag before? Well here are few reasons you should:

*They are better for the environment.
*Instead of buying a reusable shopping bag that is made from all new material, why not buy one that is made from material that is already out there and had a previous life?
*The shopping bags sold in your favorite grocery store are typically not washable, and tons of bacteria live on all of the food you get at the grocery store. They need to be washable!
*All of the material from my bags is purchased at a local thrift store that all of its proceeds go to run an animal shelter.

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