Monday, January 18, 2010

Scribd~ Free Ebooks!

Have any of you checked out a cool site called Scribd? CLICK HERE to check it out! This is basically an e-library! Cool EBooks for you to read and download for free!

They have Books, Brochures, catalogs, instruction and how-to manuals, maps, newspapers, magazines, children’s books, cook books, recipes and menus, and more! Most are for free, but of course there are some you have to purchase. But the Free stuff is the stuff you know I am excited about, because there is so much of it! WHoo hooo!
Here is a sampling of a few things you can find there:
Thriving on Less The Power of Less Dot Com , Depression Era Recipes & More, Calligraphy Manual in easy , Why Men Frighten Women and Women , Taste of Home and more!

Give it a look see, CLICK here!

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