Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There are so many stores that are having great sales up to 80% off in order to get rid of their winter stock so they have room to bring out the warm weather stuff.

Now is the time to hit the stores running! I have been to a couple of stores lately and thought I would share with you, but don't limit yourself to the stores listed. Keep a good deal eye out for other stores that may also be getting rid of their winter stock!

JC Penny has a RED ZONE sale going on right now and you can get clothes from every department up to 80% off.

I found:

Men’s fleece pullovers for $2.97, and tons of shirts for that price also.
Boy’s shirts marked down to $.97 to $2.97 one of the shirts included a toy!
Woman’s skinny cords and jeans marked down to $4.97
Woman’s and Misses tops marked down to $2.97
Woman’s and Men’s Jamma pants marked down to $2.97
Woman’s Jamma tops marked down to $.97

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At the Family Dollar Store they also are having a winter clearance mark down

Most of their winter clothes are $3.00
The Men’s sweat pants and shirts were marked down to $1
They have all of their Valentines stock reduced to 75% off,
They also have random food items that are marked down really low.
I found boxes of Pop Tarts and jars of peanut butter marked down to $.98.
(Check the expiration dates!)
I also found Dawn dish soap in a huge 56 oz jug for $3.00

Have you been to a Reny’s lately? They are also having a winder clearance. I found Carhartt boots for my 17 year old son (work boots not winter), in size 14 marked down 50% off and then marked down again 50% off. So he got some $100 boots for $24! They have Sorels marked down too, and tons and tons of winter clothes including Columbia and Woolrich which are really spendy normally.

Lastly check out Levinsky’s in Windham, ME. They are having a huge sale and you can get men’s jeans for $5, woman’s jeans for $10 and tons of winter items for 80% off.
I found the jeans for me extra long which I need for $10 and a shirt for $2.50!

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