Saturday, February 13, 2010

Redbox Codes!

This is cool, but bad timing for me. We just rented a Redbox movie last night! Oh well the good thing is that it was only a dollar! By the way if you pick a movie with the free codes listed below, I would advise in not getting Surrogate. We rented that one last week and it was not good. You kinda need a Surrogate to watch it for ya! LOL

Any how enter this promo code 2DGTAL22 to get a one night rental at any Redbox.

Some other old codes you may want to try also if you have not already used them:

- Walgreens only

Remember you can only use a code once per debit/credit card.

Oh in case you are wondering we watched The Invention of Lying last night and it was OK. It was kind of different. The only thing I did not care for was the obvious digs at Christianity. I don't know why that is not PC anymore!

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