Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Tasty?

Have you been to the web site STILL TASTY? This is an awesome website for us coupon girls or for stockpile persons!

I often wonder how long something is still good for. Sometimes you find great deals with sale items at grocery stores, and you buy 10 of that item only to find that they expire in two days? So do you freeze it and use it later? Keep it? Toss it? What is the best way to store it?

My soul mate often goes into the fridge to make a sandwich and wonders if the deli ham I got on sale last week is still good. Hmmn I can only go by the sniff test, and then that it is questionable!

Do you risk it? Is saving a buck is worth a trip to the emergency room for a family bout of food poisoning…I think NOT!

This Still Tasty site is a great site to have for reference! You can type anything in and they will tell you how long it is good for and how you should store it to make it last longer! Sweet!

I found out that ham cold cuts sliced at the deli counter last:

3-5 days in the Fridge (oops it is a wonder we are alive still!)
1-2 months in the Freezer! (This is a better option when the meat goes on sale!)

Still Tasty also will let you know how exactly to store it! Check it out!

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