Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Professional

Microsoft is offering a Free download of Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta. Click here to download it or to check it out.

I was just pricing Microsoft Office at Staples literally two days ago! So I can tell you that this is a $149 value. The crazy thing is that Microsoft recommends that you don't install this beta version on your business, or home pc and only install it on your back up. Uh how many computers do they we own?

Um I have a brand new laptop and I sold off my old PC. All of my kids have laptops, (So the 3 yr old's is a toy, but someday!) and I hated having to waste a room on "The PC" so I got rid of it!
I like the ease of the laptop and being able to do my work anywhere I am.

The site says that it offers more ways to work from more places like a PC, smartphone or web browser. There are several languages available too.

What's Included: Word, OneNote, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint Workspace,
Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Publisher, Communicator, Excel

Nice if it does not crash your computer! Back up before you try it.

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