Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am here, in the boonies again!

So I am finally in a home, (my Granny's old house) out here in the middle of the boonies in Colorado. The cool thing about this is that it is almost just like the same kind of home as we had in Maine.

It is a very old home 1907 the one in Maine was 1897.
It is out in the boonies like I said, Maine was too.
This house gets high speed internet, which everyone in my family LOVES! The one in Maine did not get it.

This post office is much smaller than the one we had in Maine, but unfortunately the guy in Maine was completely and utterly friendlier than the woman who runs this post office. I noticed this more because my Grandfather used to run the post office here for about 25 years and he ran the show a bit different than she does.

There are three different home town grocery stores with in 10 miles of my house now . Where in Maine I had only the choice of one home town and one large one Hannaford.

My son lived in the same house with us but left most of the time to go to his cousins so they could play Halo all night long, and now he sleeps in the "Bunk House" next door.

I had tons of family members from Dave's side all around me driving me nuts at times, and now it is my own family going to be working my nerves.

I have to check out the three local grocery stores to see which ones I can work the best deals. I also have to check out which major store in town will offer up the best grocery deals. I am thinking it will be City Market.

I am excited to embark on this new adventure in our lives. We are in a new state, and a new climate. We have so much to do still though. As I type this there is a big pile of boxes and such in the living room floor waiting for someone (me probably) to put them away.

I also have to go through all of my Grandma's cupboards and toss a few items before I can put mine in there. Bless her heart there must be seventy two thousand pieces of Tupperware and plastic containers in just one very deep cupboard alone.

This is the one thing about moving that maybe the major cause of moving stress the extraordinary amount of things that have to be done and the limited number of hours in the day. Everywhere I look there is something to do.

Dave, my love so sweet and kind saw that I was starting to bubble over and brought me a nice cold Pepsi in a glass with ice and sweetly reminded me that I should not over do it. He is a good man, and that's when I looked at the clock and noticed it was getting close to lunch time and my kitchen was a mess. I suggested we head off to town and check out the local eating places for lunch.

Not too impressed with the Two Candles, but there are plenty of things to look at while you are there. My stomach was cramping up before we even returned home and it was a bit pricey for the size of this town.

I will keep you up dated now that I have some internet...Woo hoo so loving the high speed!

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