Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dutch Ovens

Has anyone used a Dutch Oven recently? I have been thinking about trying out my new/old hand-me-down dutch oven from my Grandmother. I am excited to try out some new recipes with my new/old cookware.

Here also is an opportunity for me to speak frugally about it. In the case of cookware I feel (and you may or may not agree) that quality over rides costs completely! Like I said I just inherited some hand-me-down cookware and it happens to be older than me! That is 40...uh hum...29 year old cook ware that is still perfect! This stuff was not cheap back then, and it still is not.. but it still is good and will last a life time.

That is where the frugal factor comes in...factor in the cost of replacing not so expensive cook ware every 5-10 years or so and you don't have frugal any more. But how do you know if the stuff you are buying will last? Good question, but I would find out what Mom and Grandma are using and have been using and start there.

Tried and True! Sometimes those kinds of cookware are a bit more cash upfront, but you will be handing them down instead of tossing them out.

Very soon I will have the unique opportunity to give away a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores.com so if you are looking for something to replace in your home now is your chance...I will post the details very soon!

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