Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Entrance to National Parks this Weekend!

I thought I had posted this earlier but some how it didn't make it??? Any how...This weekend, 8-14 to 8-15, and free again on 9-25 and again on 11-11 is a Free Entrance to a BUNCH of National Parks!

I am sure one is near you! CLICK HERE to check out the list and the details! This is great family fun! FREE! FREE Family Fun!

So that being said...Tomorrow I will be gone all day to Mesa Verde National Park! I went there once when I was a young child and I am happy to go back again and share it with my family! Great fun!

I packed a picnic lunch too. Water bottles in the freezer, Chicken all ready cooked, deviled eggs done deviled! Watermelon chilled! We are set and ready to go!

Does anyone else pre-pack a picnic lunch or snacks? I have been accused of over planning before. But I don't look at it like that. I am all for spur of the moment fun, but if I a know I am going somewhere and I have a chance to save by packing our own lunch then it is on! Plus half the time my food is a 1000 times better! (Not to mention better for you!)

We went to a beach boardwalk last year and I brought a picnic lunch and water and sodas, because I wanted to save as much $$ as I could for the kids to go on all of the fun rides. It was then I was accused of over planning, but I think it was because they wanted to all eat the vendor foods and not the picnic lunch.

Do you pack your picnic lunch????

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