Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How was your weekend???

We had an awesome time this weekend at the Mesa Verde National Park. What was really nice is that it was FREE! I saw on the news that the National Parks in this area were overwhelmed with visitors on the Free weekend. Wonder why??? Hehe I had a wonderful time and was happy that I didn’t have to pay the $15.00 entrance fee.

We still had to pay $3 per person for the tour of a couple sites but that was not bad.

I packed a fantastic picnic lunch. I made a bunch of chicken the day before, and my Dad bought some potato salad and Cole slaw from Wally World. I had some fresh eggs from my neighbor that I had to use up so I made some deviled eggs. We also had chips and drinks.

The picnic was perfect except for once small mishap, no it was not ants it was the fact that my hubby accidently dumped the cooler over sideways when we were headed to the picnic area and the deviled eggs all slid out of their cute little spots built into the Tupperware container and landed in one big lump on the side. Glad it was Tupperware because my newly formed egg salad did not leak out and make a big ole mess everywhere.

Note to self messy deviled eggs do not sell as well as neat ones. I had to chop it all up and make an egg salad out of when we came home.

I loved going there, but mostly I loved not paying the $15.00 fee.

I want to go back and tour a few more sites but I will wait for the next free day. Which by the way is just around the corner, you too can visit a park near you if you missed the free weekend this weekend go on 9-25 and again on 11-11 it is free!

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  1. Wow l would love to visit there too!

  2. It was a lot of fun. I hope you can make it there too.

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