Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney Mom's Panel Accepting Applications!

If you are like me, then you have never heard of the Disney Mom's Panel. I had to look up more information about it here, when I saw a post about it on Coupons and Freebies Mom.

Turns out Disney selects a panel of regular Moms like you and me to advise others on or about the Disney Parks. They offer advice from whether or not you should rent a stroller for a four year old to filling up your water bottles in the park for FREE drinks! (That is my kind of Mom!)

These Moms are selected after filling out an application. There are a few requirements like you have to be able to go to the Disney Park for FREE in December for FREE training! Awesome little perk. Of course there are other requirements and they only select a limited lucky few.

I could not find in any of the information if being a Disney Mom Panel Member also gets you any more free perks like discounts for my whole family to go there. But I am sure there is more information once you sign up and fill out the application.

I cannot see myself going to Disney and my kids not going, so I might pass on filling out the application but I am still thinking about the "break" time away from my three year old and laundry and dishes too! Even though if I should be lucky enough to be selected I would also be lucky enough to have a HUGE pile of unwashed laundry that was "saved" up for me when I got home! Cause dang he won't do any laundry unless he REALLY needs something! LOL!

CLICK HERE if being a Disney Mom Panel person is something you would be interested in, and good luck. If you are lucky enough to be selected let us know, that seems like an awesome experience. Hmmmn I might be talking my self into applying! HA!

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