Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Made Fabric Softener

As promised I am posting the recipe for home made fabric softener! I can tell you that I am please so far with the results. I will have to keep testing it during the winter months.

Winter is when I put my fabric softener to the real test. Besides keeping my clothes smelling fresh I HATE static electricity! That is brought on by the drier air during winter, so if there is no static and I can regulate the smell, I am loving it!

This is what I used:

1 ½ Cups vinegar

2 Cups hair conditioner (any kind)

3 cups hot water

I used an old fabric softener container. I put the vinegar in the fabric softener container.

Then in a separate pitcher that would hold 6 cups I mixed the conditioner and the hot water together until the conditioner was dissolved.

(Yes the top of my microwave turns into a catch all flop-spot!)

(I did this because the funnel I was using to fit in my fabric softener container was very narrow and my hair conditioner was very thick and I knew it would just jam up in the funnel.)

Then pour the water/conditioner mixture into your fabric softener container, pop the cap on tightly and mix well by shaking.

Use as you would regular fabric softener. (Like a cap full each wash.)

(You could easily double the recipe to save time. But since this was a test run I kept it small.)

Oh I didn't like the smell as much as I should so I added a few drops of Lavender and Lemon oil.

Let’s figure the costs:

I bought a gallon of white vinegar for $1.89

I used 1 ½ cups which is like about .09 of the vinegar so the cost is $.0496 let’s say $.05 the conditioner someone gave to me because they didn’t like it. I tried it also and didn’t like it so it is basically FREE. And we pay nothing really for the water.

Add it up:

$.05 for fabric softener! That is cheap!

Next time however I might not get a Free bottle of hair conditioner but I am going to be on the look out for VO5 on sale for about $.69 or maybe I can score it for less. I bet so then I will stock up!

I will however not pay more than let’s say $.80 for hair conditioner because you can buy fabric softener at the Dollar Tree so I want to make it worth my while!

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