Thursday, September 9, 2010

What to do....What to do....

I was recently asked by CSN stores to review just ONE of the many, many, oh so many items that you can purchase on line. The problem is (and it is really NOT a problem) I have to choose just ONE! AHH!

So I have no need for coffee tables right now because my wonderful soulmate made me one that hopefully will last as long as he does...LOL (Just kidding honey!) :)

I do need a new coffee pot....hmmmnn Ours currently works but the timer will randomly just shut down. Bless it's heart it has had a hard life. This is our back up coffee pot any how. I tell you we go through some coffee pots around here. I am tempted to by a REALLY super fabulous one just to see if it lasts longer than 9 months.

I also need a new crock pot because as you may know I just moved and I yard sale'd MOST of everything I owned. My granny has supplied me with a whole kitchen FULL of stuff. But a few items have already been liberated to another home before I arrived.

Dang! What about a crock pot? Those are a must have, and I have NOT! Again sold it, uh hum sold both of them at the yard sale. Winter is coming and there is nothing more I like better then putting something in the crock pot in the morning and having a toasty hot meal all ready and made when I get in from the cold.

There is more! AHHH ! I also would love love LOVE to have some more square casserole dishes with lids on them. Mostly because I like to cook double and freeze a dish for another night when I just don't feel like cooking or have ran out of time.

Finally I need need NEED a new frying pan because the one I left in Maine was AWESOME, and I need a new replacement... Sigh, but I am picky I want it to come with a lid and be deep, so hmmn.

Well I just don't know, what do you think??

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  1. I know, I know, when I did my first review I chose an electric can opener since it was something I really needed! Chose something you need or something you've been dying to have but can't afford to just spend the $ on!


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