Tuesday, October 12, 2010

50 FREE sheets of Origami Paper

Ready for some Origami?
Don't laugh. Once to save some green I looked up how to make Origami stars online and we made 6 or 9 pointed stars for our Christmas Tree decorations.

It turned out really well and me and the kids had fun folding and folding and folding...LOL

We folded them out of regular printer paper but if you CLICK HERE you can get 50 FREE SHEETS of ORIGAMI PAPER from Everything in Paper Crafting! They also have some really cool tutorials on how to fold to.

You can also go to your local library for a Origami how to book!

This is a fun Freebie! Perfect timing for cold weather icky days ahead! Have fun!

I went on youtube.com and found a few how to videos on how to fold a Christmas Star some are pretty complicated. You can choose your level and have fun with your family.

I made about 15-20 of these on regular printing paper, then I bought a $1 can of gold spray paint and carefully painted them all gold and hung them on the tree. It was a great family project and we all admired our handy work on the tree! (Not to mention how cheap it was! LOL)

The ones we made looked like the purple star shown here as the next to the last picture.

Thanks dealseekingmom for the heads up about the free paper!

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