Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make Some Green With Old Books!

Wonder what to do with all those books in your house???? Sell Them!

I have told you about before but I wanted to remind you again how super easy it is to make a little extra $$$$ on old books you have just collecting dust!

We read quite a few books around my house. I am either buying books to read, getting them at the library or a friend or family member is giving us books.

With all of those books laying around I see GREEN! Except for the library books, I can cash in on those books once they have been read or used. (I have two family members in college too and we sell those as soon as the semester is over!)

CLICK HERE to go over to and check it out for yourself. It is super easy, all you have to do is enter the book's ISBN number and will tell you how much they will give you for it. Even if you only get a dollar for the old book it is more than you would get for it just laying around your house!

Use your old books to buy new ones! Use your old books to buy a present for someone for Christmas! Use your old books to buy chocolate! HA the possibilities are endless!

The one thing I also like about is that they pay for the shipping! Once I have my selected books entered I just print out a shipping label and put it on a box! Mail it off and then I get my $$$! Easy!


  1. I have used Cash4books too and it works great! I have used some other sites too (can't remember the names) for selling my kids' used college textbooks. It's a great way to recoup at least some of the money spent.

  2. I agree, don't let even a little bit of cash lay around the house not getting your $$$ worth!


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