Friday, November 19, 2010


If you want to check your favorite store or all the stores to plan out your Black Friday shopping trip I would suggest you go to this site

There you can find just about any Black Friday Ad for just about any Black Friday store. I was thinking of checking other stores that might not be so crazy wild with people and getting their deals instead of heading over to the highly populated Wally~World.

One year I went to a Goodies Black Friday deal at 5 am so I could get my kids those silly Razor Scooters when they were all the rage. Because it was not Wally~World, I was the ONLY one there!

This year my 18 year old son saw the Razor Go Cart advertised on TV and he said oh how he wished he was nine years old again so he could fit into that. (He is 6'2 so I don't think he will fit in one now!)

Any how...I digress go to, plan your trip or see if it is even worth it to get up that early and fight the crowds!

I was looking at the Leapster for my son, it is $24 at Wally World but I am searching for another store to buy it at if you see one let me know!

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