Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is voting day!

This is one of the GREAT ways you can control the way your money is spent!

Going out to vote and being informed will really help your pocket book, because you can elect "like" minded folks to represent you!

I hope all of you will go out and vote!

I am really happy that today is election day for another reason....I won't get any more of those annoying election telemarketing calls! hehe


  1. I voted! I'm very thankful to live in a free country where we have that right and privilege! Am also thankful the robo calls will be ending :-)

  2. I just got back from voting also...but I think I was a victim of voter fraud, because the ballot I had was totally different than my hubbies.

    I didn't know that until the ride home when we started to discuss it.

    Which really is a bad thing. I am very angry about it but now there is nothing really I can do. I was happy we live in a free country too, but sorry there are so many people that are deceitful.


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