Sunday, December 12, 2010

Telluride Colorado~ Free Box!

I live really close to Telluride. I really love that they have a Free Box. This is a fabulous idea and too bad it has not caught on farther that a couple towns down the road...(Norwood and Nucla.)

This idea is simple:

Drop off the stuff you don't want but is still usable

Browse the Free stuff and take what you want or need

The box has evolved in Norwood and Nucla and they have theirs inside a store and they have it organized to look more like a thrift shop, at the Free box in Telluride you really have to dig through a pile.

I love this idea. The ones in Norwood and Nucla accept donations to pay for the heat. So I take all my unwanted items there, and if I see something we want or need I trade. If I don't have a donation then I drop a couple bucks in their donation box. I want them to stay!!

If you want to learn more about the Free Box in Telluride like when it started, and why (hippies lol) then CLICK HERE.

If you are in Telluride go to the intersection of North Pine and Main (Colorado Ave) and look on the side of the building.

A the Free box like any thrift store it is a hit and miss adventure. Some days you will find absolutely nothing, and then another day you will find a wonderful treasure, (or at least a new pair of jeans!) My son found an Island of Sodor Thomas the Train set there once, and I heard someone found a brand new flat screen TV! I know some one else who found a dinning room table.

Telluride also has a FREE Gondola Ride to Mountain Village and it is a breath taking view. We always enjoy it.

Do you have a cool place like this you can go to or do you just trade amongst your friends and family??

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