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Book Review Your Money God’s Way by Amie Streater

Amie Streater, associate pastor of financial stewardship for the 10,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, has been there. From her own experience, she knows what it’s like to look at an impossible pile of bills and a pile of toddlers wrestling in the next room. In Your Money God's Way, empowered by her own incredible journey to financial freedom, she leads readers to the dream of mastering their finances. She also expertly uncovers seven “counterfeit convictions” Christians believe that hinder their personal finance success.
The book Your Money God’s Way drew me in with the title. It is about overcoming the 7 money myths that keep Christians Broke. Well I am a Christian, and I am most of the time broke so here we go right?
Well, this book is a great book if you have not read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover or any other financial advisor’s book about how to snap out of it and get out of the vicious cycle of debt. I have been watching my money for a very long time. The book is perfect for first timers. I have mixed feelings about the book.
The seven myths that keep Christians broke:
Where are they? I am not certain. The counterfeit convictions I think are what I am supposed to pay attention to, but they don’t really explain clearly to me what I am doing wrong. Mostly because I don't have debt, I hardly have any income but no debt. I think if the author would have outlined those seven myths taunted on the cover better it would have helped me to enjoy the book more.
Amie Streater is a Southern woman of my own heart. I am sure she is sweet and charming. I loved her little sayings like my mama would say funny and charming. But she does not use that to explain financial savings to me. It was however entertaining. All of the stories about the people who walked into her office are very powerful, and charming. Amie has a great Southern writing style about her that makes her book very pleasurable to read.
She uses Dave Ramsey’s steps to get other people out of debt. Her story about how she was in debt, deep in debt and she did have to wake up and walk a hard line to get out of the whole she dug. I understand this, and it is a good story to tell because it is very motivational.
I like what she says about tithing though it is sometimes very hard to not think of tithing as a “Jesus Tax” and I know I to sometimes struggle to be a cheerful giver in that respect. This book has a way of making you take a look closer at your Christian views. I know several broke Christians that use the term, “God will provide” freely and it is a term that can be easily taken out of context. It is easy to say that instead of stop spending, or to start working harder.
The timing for the book is impeccable, since the majority of the citizens in the US may be taking a serious look at their debts given the state of our economy. Timing is everything. I think this is a good book to read, and most Christians should read it. I would like for my grandmother to read it because she has been ripped off on too many times from just being a kind hearted Christian. I like Chapter Five because it talks about this. Just because someone introduces themselves as a Christian does not mean you should trust them with all your money.
There are several points about this book that someone could use in other aspects of their lives. I hear some of the same concerns when people I know live in a perpetual pity party. The “oh poor me’s” sing not only in one’s finances but also in relationships, jobs, and all aspects of someone’s life. I have heard several people say well that will never happen to me and they think I have some special power to deserve success and happiness more than they do. I gave a copy of this book to some of those persons. Taking action for what you do is good advice in money and in just life in general.
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