Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Quality Luggage ~ Saves Green

I have been recently going through my grandmother's home. She does not live there any more, but it is still filled to the brim with all of her things. All of the things she has collected over the 60 years she has lived in this huge old house.

In the spare bedroom upstairs I have put a collection of luggage under bed. She has had this luggage for as long as I remember. I used one of the over night bags the other day when I went on a over night trip. The bag was still in perfect shape. It is probably older than I am but still good. Do you know why? Because of the quality of the bag. Something like luggage can last and last for as long as 30 years like this set.

If you want some quality luggage that will last like Delsey Luggage
that is at one of the CSN stores then click here and check them out. Right now they have some great deals on luggage as well. Like some that are over 70% off! This rolling bag is perfect as a carry on so you can avoid checked bag fees and it was $200 now it is only $49!

Unless you are a traveling businessman then you should be able to purchase your luggage, a good quality set and have it last you forever! Another awesome feature of this bag is that it is blue, so you will be able to spot it easy on the luggage carousel amongst the sea of black bags.

The Delsey bag pictured at the top of the page is so cute! It is in raspberry so fun, and so easy to spot too! This one is one sale too! $69.00 is all you would pay to get this sweet bag. They have tons of others too, cute copper color, silver or even blue.

Also graduation day is just around the corner, and if you have a grad that you will be shopping for then consider some luggage as your gift. After all they are the ones that have the freedom to toss their stuff in a bag and head out on a glorious adventure.

I have been given the opportunity to review a great item found on one of the CSN stores and luggage is just one other many great products that I am considering. I just love CSN stores! They really have so much to choose from, and you can find the quality items that will last. When something lasts, you save money in the long run.

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