Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CSN Review Step One Chocolate TV Stand!

My step daughter is planning on coming and living with us. (That is my kitchen window view, so who wouldn't want to live here?) She said that however,she does not have any luggage though, but Delsey luggage is pretty awesome. I was thinking about getting her some from CSN the luggage store. CSN provided me with the opportunity to review just about any product I wanted to choose, (well within a certain price range at least.) CSN.com has so much to choose from and the decision was hard. I thought about getting some luggage for her, and then I thought nah! I am the one that is supposed to review a product, right? Right, well that is what I am telling myself.

Mama needs something new and fancy to look at too. So what in our house would do we need, and want? That is the thing about me being so frugal, not only do I have to think about the want I must also think about the need too! Don’t worry this is a good thing. I feel better about any purchase if it is a need and a want combined. If I spend some of my hard earned cash on something that is too frivolous I just have this frugal guilt hanging over my head every time I look at my new shiny toy.

So in order to sleep better and feel good and excited about my purchase I have to not only want it, but there also must be that need. With all that in mind I only had to look up from my laptop and at the TV, there I found my need/want. We had to get a new TV for our house because our old one was well too old. So for Christmas that was our gift, well his gift. I got an Xbox Kinect because I wanted to get us all up and moving. The new TV and the Xbox and the DVD player my children got us for Christmas were looking sad and crowded on the old little stand that was not holding all the weight.

So I chose to get a new entertainment stand or TV stand. I ordered it from CSN and I have to tell you that I am always amazed how fast CSN ships their items. I order online all the time, and CSN has got everyone beat. The email I received from them said I could expect my stand on or about the 27th and it came several days before that.

My trusty stud was there even when FedEx pulled up! How lucky was that? Really lucky even the Fedex girl was happy to see him, because that TV stand box weighed 82 pounds! He and all his muscles carried in the box and cracked that baby open. As soon as the plastic came off and the box was opened we smelled Christmas trees! Yes how odd, we were like what? Then we realized that the wood for this stand had been infused with pine scent! Nifty!

After one hour of my four year Old’s help we had it together. (There was a panic moment when we thought the handle was missing, but again we had a four year old helper.) The instructions did also have the side pieces backwards in the instructions but that was a quickly passing head scratching moment for Mr. Smarty, my trusty stud.

Altogether, dusted off and components set up and ready…Beautiful! It looks great don’t ya think? I love that it is a bit of a mixture of sleek, modern and classic all at the same time. Well it works for me anyways. I am happy to review items for CSN, because they have such a wide variety of items to review at any one of their 200 stores. I don't get paid to review their products, but I do get to keep the item. In return I agree to provide an honest review, so if I don't like anything about it don't ya worry I'll let ya know!

Now if I could only get rid of the paneling behind it...

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