Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest Posting and Chit Chatting, Making Friends!

Tight Wad in Utah is not only my bloggy neighbor but she is also my neighbor because she lives just one state over from me in Utah. I am currently located in the South Western Slope of Colorado but I have lived in Utah before in my life. I am the guest post person today for her blog, CLICK HERE to check out the post on spring cleaning.

Just recently I visited Utah for the day. It was a family day outing to see Native American Petroglyphs. The writings on the wall however were not really clear. I like so many others have no real clear idea what they were trying to say. Was it a warning or some form of communication with others? Who knows? Sometimes this bloggy world is like that. There are so many blogs out there and so many sites to join to work with your blog you sometimes start working against it.

I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with other sites that I see promoted on another blog that seems to be more successful than mine. Finding your way through the blog world is just as important as finding your way in life. In both worlds the not-so-super powers of tenacity, perseverance, and letting your self be heard will help you succeed.

Recently I ran into a person that was using those three powers for evil instead of good. This person decided that stirring up trouble, being the squeaky wheel, and poking their nose around looking for mistakes others make is the path they want to be on. Unfortunately I was one of the lucky girls that received the business end of that trouble stick she was stirring. I was taken aback really because that kind of behavior seems so unnecessary. I like to catch my flies with honey on a regular basis so I am really dazed and confused like a deer in the head lights for a second with a witchy poo like that attacks me. But then I snap, out of it I mean, I come to my senses and protect my hiney A.S.A.P.

I am not suggesting that kind of tenacity or perseverance as a way of life, and well the squeaky wheel bit has just been done. It is so well yesterday’s whine. No, the kind of tenacity, perseverance and letting your self be heard is the kind that makes people remember you in a good way.

That is my goal. Try to be kind, friendly, honest, and still be successful. I love this blog! I love writing. I am really excited about all of the new friends I am making out here in the blogosphere, and hoping to make even more! I am a bit of a social butterfly, even in real life. Once my co-workers and I were at a conference in New Orleans and I met friends when I was in the bathroom, and then I met some more new friends while he was in the bathroom. My co-worker looked at me like I was nuts, but ya know I like to be nice, and I like to meet and talk with new people. Everyone has a unique personality that will add to your life in one way or another.

Granted sometimes there are those out there that don’t live up to our expectations and end up being part of a regret you may have. I tend to look at those experiences as positive ones too, just a little bit of a learning experience on my part. Next time I will still just as nice and friendly, just not so stupid! LOL

I have had my bouts with evil ugly people, but I refuse to let that get me down. I just keep smiling, and keep making friends. Some are nice and others are not but I still keep on keeping on. I read recently that one link to living a long healthy life is the ability to get over all the little bumps life throws at you. So I am here to make friends and be nice, I hope you will join me and become a great friend. What are your thoughts on cyber friendships? If you need a friend or a guest poster let me know!

***The pic is from my prom in high school I am the girl in the middle clearly explaining a new form of dance to my good friends! LOL (I really don't remember what I was saying! LOL)


  1. Terre, there are always good and bad out there. I've met some wonderful bloggy friends and some real mean ones too! Don't let it get you down, your blog is growing and thats where its tricky. Congrats on your guest post. I just haven't had the time right now with work to search one out. Oh and remember when you are that BIG site, us little blogs still exist! :)

  2. LOL You don't have to worry I will always be your friend too. Actually the person that was not nice to me, was not a blogger! I met that person in real life. And I will never let anything get me down. That is one quality I am proud to have. :) I have come too far in my life to let anything bother me for too long any more. Thanks Mayrilyn.

  3. Well even though I don't know you in "real life", I can tell by your writing that you're a nice person with a positive outlook. You can't let the jerks ruin your day! Keep up the good work Terre . . . The world needs happy bloggers like us :D

  4. Thanks Bev, I appreciate that! I hope to be a happy blogger for a very long time, and all the while keeping good friends like you in my cyber life. It would be really great to meet you someday at a bloggy conference too. I know we would get along just as wonderful as we do here. Thanks again Bev! :)


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