Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Have A Cool Lodis Business Card Case from Kolobags

I wanted to share with you a great website called Kolobags.  I recently received a couple of great items from Kolobags and you have to see them!   

First off let me tell you that originally I was supposed to only order the Lodis Compact Card Case to review.  I chose this beautiful red one, and when I went to the Kolobags site to order it, I was overwhelmed by the many wonderful items like Kolobags Laptop Cases and even wallets had to choose from.  When I saw this beautiful Kara B Commuter wallet, I ordered that too!   

Kolobags has a wonderful selection of great items that you will love,laptop covers, laptop cases, all very cute and stylish.

My Lodis Business Card Case is the perfect size for my purse or laptop case.  I love the feel of the smooth Italian leather, which sounds silly but it really has a smooth texture that feels good in my hand.  Touch is not the only fun thing about this Lodis Business Card Case  It closes securely with magnets which makes it easy to use.  You'll also love that holds at least 30 cards too.   

Then there is the wallet that I bought on impulse as soon as I saw it.  It is very cute and helps me to think "spring!" with its fun design.   Besides the fun part which is clearly obvious, it is surprisingly very functional too.  I love the big pockets for my money, and change so everything is handy.  The check book section is the perfect size and if I choose not to put my check book there, I can use that space for other uses too.   

I know you will love Kolobags so swing by there and check them out.  Get your self a new business card case that will make you look fabulous and stylish at the next blog conference.  I like pretty things, but I am still a frugal mom that wants to get my money's worth so these accessories have to be functional as well fun!  You will get both fashion and function at Kolobags, even the Laptop Cases can do that which is a hard order to fill!   

So CLICK HERE to check them out yourself, or find them on Facebook.  

Order now and get a sweet 10% discount by using the code SAVINGGREEN!   

The code is good until 6-30-11!  

Disclaimer, fine print: I was provided the items in this review at a discounted rate, but the opinions in this review are clearly my own.    


  1. Lodis business card case looking amazing its very great idea. Plastic Cards

  2. This is so great. I will absolutely use it for my plastic business cards once i get it. Thanks for sharing.


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