Monday, May 16, 2011

Buying CFL's to Save $$???

Maybe you should be looking elsewhere.   Al Gore has said that CFL light bulbs are the next best thing, but unfortunately we are finding out not the best in the long run. 

I wanted to share this with you because I like many of you have been looking for ways to save my money anywhere I can.  With a house full of children the first natural place we all look is our electric bill.  

I have had several deals on CFL light bulbs on my blog and I have replaced almost all of the old traditional light bulbs in my home with these new CFL light bulbs.  I did noticed a slight difference in my light bill at first but then I am positive the rates just went up and I lost any money I was saving. 

So I have been looking at the cost of L.E.D. light bulbs and they are spendy.  But they would save me twice as much as a CFL, would be better compatible for solar power, and have less heath risk for my family.  

The health risk is the mercury for now, which is a neurotoxin that can cause kidney and brain damage.  There is a tiny amount of mercury in the CFL bulbs and you have a small amount of risk if they break.   Then there are other dangers some have been talking about the gas that is emitted while they are on, but no official word as of yet on that.   I got to wonder since the old bulbs or broken bulbs have mercury in them what are the chances they are going to eventually cause a concern in our landfills, then water and soil since about 2 out of 10 people will actually dispose of them properly?   Eventually what kind of environmental mess is that going to be?   Stanford University says that the amount of mercury in one CFL is tiny, only about 5 milligrams, or barely enough to cover the tip of a pen, but that is enough to contaminate up to 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels.

Now here is a bit of conspiracy for you.   President Obama received tons of funds from the company G.E. and as of January of next year old fashioned traditional light bulbs are to be banned or I should say not allowed to be made anymore.  G.E. got a tremendous tax break.  CFL light bulbs are to be phased out also; in fact Phillips already announced they will stop making them by 2016.  G.E. is supposed to have a contract for L.E.D. light bulbs at fifty bucks a pop for the government mandated bulb in the near future.  

So I would start researching L.E.D. light bulbs and start slowly replacing them in your home like you did your CFL’s.   Health and money are the best reasons in the world for a change for your family.   What are your thoughts?    


  1. This is really interesting! We have almost all CFL light bulbs in our house and have only recently made the switch completely from the old ones. Go figure that we'll have to replace them with LED soon. Thanks for the post.
    ~Penny Wise

  2. LEDs are not just much more expensive...

    LEDs - like CFLs before them- have recently been found to have serious home
    breakage and disposal concerns, having lead, arsenic and toxic content,
    according to University of California (Davis and Irvine) research

    They suggest wearing safety protection when LED breakage occurs and
    that the bulbs should be recycled.

    They also maintain that there was insufficient product testing
    before LED bulbs came onto the market. There was a law that was supposed
    totake effect on January 1 that would have mandated such testing, but
    it was opposed and blocked by industry groups, and has been put on hold...

    Also on the website, many reasons why LEDs and CFLs dont save as much as supposed.


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