Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 Day Disney Vacation for less than $1500!!!!

Wow!  This is a great post that you should check out.  It really addresses what I like to call thinking outside the money trap box!  If you really think about your trip you will be able to save.   CLICK HERE to read how they saved and made a nice family vacation to DISNEY (now that is a money trap!)

We went to Mesa Verde on the 21st with our family.   This time I got to take my three step-daughters.  They have never been out west before and this was a fun day for us.  We paid for the gas, and the picnic lunch I packed, and $18 dollars for the tour.   It was much cheaper because I went on a FREE entrance to a National Parks Day, and we brought our own lunches and drinks.   I bought a case of water two six packs of sodas, chips, bread, lunch meat, string cheese and cookies.    I could have saved even more by making the cookies!  

We had a great adventure that the kids will remember.   I always pack a picnic lunch.  It amazes me how much you can save.   Even one trip into the gas station to get drinks can cost you $1.50 or more person if you pay as you go.   If you bring your own drinks you can get the costs down to cents each instead of dollars!  

Here are some ideas to take on your adventures:

Capri Sun's freeze well and fit nice in back packs, and can be used as your ice pack to keep your lunch cold.
Bring your own water bottle and you can fill it in the park for free!
Bring your own sun screen and it is easy to remember to re-apply if you do it after every time you eat.  
Back packs work better than a purse, and coolers that have wheels are awesome for your back.
Freeze your water bottles too!
Give each child a set allowance to buy what they want each day.  Then you don't have to say yes or no to each item all day long and they always learn valuable money handling lessons in the end.

What do you do to the think out of your money traps boxes ????

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