Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Discount Scrubs!

This post brought to you by Blue Sky Scrubs.  100% opinions are mine!

My wonderful man is a Disabled Veteran and he is going to be attending a medical school this fall and guess what we will be buying? Scrubs!  I have never been in the market for scrubs before but I have found a great place to purchase them.  I am sure glad I found   I noticed they also have white lab coats too, in case you are in the market for those.

I am excited about him attending this medical school.  The VA will be covering his costs as part of a program called Chapter 31.  It really is a HUGE saver!   But like any school there are plenty of extra costs.  Including scrubs!   It is basically buying school uniforms!   I have a man in college, a son that will start college this fall, and a daughter that will be on her 3rd year in college!   So glad I take extra care and get good deals with all Back-to-School items even scrubs!

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