Monday, August 29, 2011

Solar Solutions for Internet Addictions!

Internet addicts, I think that is what we have turned into.  I was just without internet for a couple of days recently and you would think I was going without the basic necessities of life!   I was thinking about what I was missing or could be doing on the internet the whole time I was without it!   That is silly but it is true.  Since I am in the process of moving again I was thinking about what I should have turned on at my new place first; lights, water, trash pick-up, and then I questioned if I should skip the cable and just get internet.  Internet is where I spend all of my time.  Internet is where just about everyone in my family spends their time, except maybe my four year old.  But we let him go onto PBS kids, and a few other sites that he really enjoys too. 

My goodness if you have internet capabilities with 4G or something you could be online all the time just about anywhere you are.  But then what about power?  Just yesterday that crazy hurricane swept through my old stomping grounds in Maine and I called my daughter and my sister there to be sure they were OK.  They were fine, but like usual in Maine without power.   Seems like every time the wind blows in Maine the power goes out, and that is a bit of an inconvenience to say the least.   I do most of my daily communication with my family back there via text and Facebook.  What if I couldn’t?   It would be cool if they could use portable solar panels?   What if I could use them every day?  Wouldn’t that save a bunch of money on my electric bill!  We use all these gadgets and every night we plug them in to charge them up for the next day.  Imagine saving so much on your light bill if you used a solar powered battery charger instead!   As we speak right now my Dave is out in our camper in the middle of nowhere and he could sure use a portable solar generator.  But if you think outside the box and think of an everyday use this solar power could save you so much every day and lower that crazy light bill.  Colorado gets full sunshine about 344 days of the year I think I should tap into that and save my green from the electric bill! 

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