Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Straight Talk!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.


I wanted to talk again about another way to save with out sacrificing your lifestyle by switching your cell service to Straight Talk.  I have had a Straight Talk phone for over one year now and I love it!.  I also got my son a straight talk phone for Christmas.  Then I  turned my sister-in-law, my father, my mother  all into Straight Talk savers like myself.  Now my 21 year old daughter just jumped onto the Straight Talk band wagon! mom knows best 

This is why I love Straight Talk:

No Contracts!

No surprise bills with over the limit fees!

No bills at all!

Get everything you need for HALF the price!

No Credit Checks.

Same service as most providers!  


everything you need

I used to be a slave to the contract service and it seemed that my bill kept getting bigger and bigger.  I would sign up for a low price but when I received my bill there were about twenty dollars more tacked on in "Fees." I wanted to get a new phone but I couldn't because in my contract I was not due for another 4 months.  Oh and then once I went to visit my Mom in another state and when I cam back I had all these extra "Roaming" charges on my bill that magically doubled even though I had a so called nation wide plan!   It was too much, so when I was close to the end of my contract I called and canceled.  I paid a one month fee to get shed of the contracts forever!

I found Straight Talk one day in Walmart after trying several other pay as you go cell phone plans.  I will never go back to the others because I really like Straight Talk. I liked it so much I kept talking about it.  I also discovered Straight Talk online, and that's were I bought my son a refurbished cell phone and a $30 plan for $30!   The phone comes with a one year warranty (just like a new one!)   What a deal! 

When I had a contract phone I paid $75 or so dollars a month for about 700 mins, I could have added text for $10 more per month.  WOW that is spendy!   Now I am saving so much because I only pay $30 per month for 1000 mins, 1000 texts, and 30 mb of web!

There are other plans too, like the unlimited for $45 per month with is unlimited talk, text and web!  Or unlimited for a whole year for $499.00! Once I let my service expire and I was able to reactivate my phone and keep my number with out paying a reactivation fee also!  

Oh and everyone that I have talked into switching over to Straight Talk has been able to keep their old cell number too, how nice is that! If you are still not sold because you think the phone choices will be lame, then let me tell you they are not! My daughter just got a touch screen phone online for less than her old cell phone bill! They have smart phones, and phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player and Bluetooth! The Nokia phone iis so cool.

This is something I just found out Straight Talk also has International long distance too! So call a friend.                                                                      

I think you should give Straight Talk a try and you will be cutting your phone bill at least in half each month like I am.  What a great way to save!  Pretty soon it will be you'll be hooked like me, hook, line and sinker

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