Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blogging and Making Money

I have to admit that I started this blog basically on a whim. My friends and family were always saying you know you should write a book or find a way to share what you know about Mommy’n and Saving Your Green. So I started sharing. Then I found out that I could get paid to blog. While I was doing it I found out I loved it! That is the best part of all. This is something I was built to do.

I love to write and I have always found some sort of relief or outlet like therapy from writing. When I was in creative writing class one of the things they taught you was to write what you know and I am sure you have heard that before, but another thing I learned there was to always try new things and exercise you writing skills with new and exciting ways to write all the time. This blog is that for me, a variable power tool to exercise my mind.

Then like I said I was introduced to the promise of making money while blogging and that was something so exciting but so foreign to me all at the same time. There are so many schemes out there the “Mommy Make Money At Home Scheme “is so well, overwhelming. Moms are basically bombarded with all of these fake ways to make a buck. And they sucker you in to rip you off. So I was very aware and cautious with all the companies I tried. I also took a hard look at all of my favorite blogs out there and what they were using.

I have weeded my way through a slew of Bloggy money offers and a few have withstood my test. This was a thorough test to be sure. I am not going to sell out to something or some advertisement that I wouldn’t probably use myself. I won’t sacrifice my values or morals either and so everything had to remain family Friendly. Then when I work I want to get paid just like anyone else in the world so if I worked for a company they had to give me money or something tangible in return.

Some companies will want you to work a post for the chance to win, or to earn points in which they deduct their share from so that you never really make anything. Some will offer you products in exchange to review and that is fine if it something that you can use or would like to try. Some never pay it seems unless you jump through a bunch of vague hoops and I just hate that because it is a waste of my valuable “Mom time!”

I wanted to talk with you today about a company that has passed all of those tests with me, and that company is Bucks2Blog. I really enjoy working with them and they have never let me down so far. I love that I can choose which campaigns I was to apply to and they always have a good selection. I love that when I am accepted to work on a campaign I have clear and concise information to work by. My role is clear and so is theirs. Then the best part of all is when I get paid, Bucks 2 Blog does not make you wait forever to get paid and I LOVE that, cause you know I am all about the money. Well not all about but it is really important to help our family function and we can always use another bit of money from somewhere.

Now, let me be clear that I am participating in a Bucks2Blog campaign and I will be compensated for this post but the opinions contained in it are strictly mine. I am really a simple girl in that I say what I mean, mean what I say and if I do some honest work expect some honest pay. That is the way it should always be, but I want to be sure that you know that too.

So if you are interested in making a buck on your blog maybe you should go over to Bucks2Blog and take a look at what they have to offer, and like me you might be happily surprised.

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