Monday, September 19, 2011

The Mom in Me Monday ~ Baby Talk

My four year old has a HUGE vocabulary and part of the reason he does is the fact that he was always talked to like a tiny person. We never really used too much baby talk. The other reason he probably has a huge vocabulary is probably just because of his particular personality also. He has to be a preacher, politician, rock star or a famous actor he just commands it.

When my son and I were at the pediatrician for a 2 year check-up the doctor asked me if he was saying Mama, Dada, Baba, and I honestly answered yeah, and about a 100 other words! My pediatrician did not believe me so we went home and started writing down all the words he said and by the end of the next night we had over 300 words!

I know that part of the reason he talks so well is just his personality and the way he is. But my other two children talked just as well and had almost the same amount of vocabulary as he does. So the other reason is because of the Non-Baby talk stand I have. I am not saying I treat them like adults but I do talk to them clearly and we use real words for all the things in their world. What that means is that when it is time to go potty we go potty pee and poop, not tee-tee and wee-wee. We wear underwear or even undies but never sloop sloops or put puts. We call diner, diner and lunch is still lunch not num-nums or din-dins. Spaghetti is spaghetti not skedie.

When my son tries to say new word and pronounces it wrong I correct him sweetly by saying we say EXspecially not specially or I think you meant to say specific not pacific. We do the same for grammar errors also like I go-ed to the bathroom Mommy!

I am not saying that we don’t use fun words sometimes for play but we all know what the correct words to use are first!

And finally when my four year old son asks me why the sky is blue I tell him the answer correctly but age appropriately I don’t say that is the color Mother Nature painted it because it was her favorite color, but I tell him that when the sun high in the sky blue is the only color we can see but when it gets closer and starts to get dark we can see other colors like red and orange.

This really helps with reading, and other aspects of their learning. Communication is essential also and by building their vocabulary skills you are helping them be self-confident when they speak in front of peers and increase their learning and social skills. That is just one way I try to prepare my child for their successful future.
What ways to do you use to build your child’s vocabulary?

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