Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Makes a Great Car Dealer?

Have you ever purchased a new car at a car dealership? What were your feelings going in compared to your feelings going out?

Not all car dealerships are the same, and I have found that when buying a car I have to check my feelings at the door so to speak.  I have to get rid of all of those preconceived notions about the "bad" salesmen.

I used to the think that all salesmen were out to get me and just take me for all I am worth, but now I understand that they are just like you and I. You know, regular people, doing their own regular job.

The Chicago Hyundai dealership could be the one you feel comfortable in. I think that you have to be a smart and educated shopper no matter what you are buying. Just because you are buying a new car your standard of what you expect for customer service or just the feeling you get should be the same across the board.

I would not go into any other store and feel scared or apprehensive so why would you when you buy a car? You shouldn’t. If you are more educated about the product you are buying then you might find that you will have less apprehension and can concentrate completely on the sale. This will give you a better feeling by the time you leave.

So shop around, one Chicago Kia Dealer wants you to do just that. If it is a good dealership they won’t mind if you do either. A girl has to be a smart shopper no matter what they are buying. If you know your shoes but don’t know your cars do some research and trust your gut. Your feelings about shoe salesmen should be just the same as the guy selling you a car. Know the price that you should be paying and you won’t get ripped off.

I am participating in a Bucks2Blog campaign about Chicago Hyundai and was compensated, however the views and opinions are all my own.

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