Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Costumes! Me Frugal, He Spendy!

A few years ago I posted this picture of my son's frugal and fun Halloween costume...

Geez, the pic is not like a 1000 words or something, I promise you that he had fun but he DID NOT want to wait to pose for a pic!  He was ready to rock and get trick-or-treating!  

This costume cost me $3 I think for make-up and glow sticks.  (Mine is the rock star!)  

Last year he was a ninja!  

Dad had instructions to pick up ninja knives and stars in a play pack at the store and I was going to re-use an old black costume outfit.   Dad came home with the COMPLETE costume, Outfit and accessories!   I cringed, but did not ask how much he paid.  Why bother it was just too much.  

This year my son wants to be Darth Vader!   I was a bit disappointed he could not have picked something that I could easily make homemade but hey you are only a kid once...   

So on the way home one afternoon I passed by my local thrift store and I popped in to see if there were any new treasures, and boy were there!   A COMPLETE Darth Vader outfit, with costume, belt, cape and mask for only $4!!!  Score!

The belt is made for a four year old with a beer gut so I am going to have to fix that but that will be easy!  Now all we need was a light saber...

This is what I mentioned on the phone to his Dad "All we need is a light saber."   (What was I thinking!)   Well Dad and son went to Wally World and purchased a very expensive light saber (not just the basic one!)  and they also decided it would be even cooler to get the new and improved Darth Vader mask that makes sounds!    Can you see a pattern forming???    Me frugal, he spendy.  That is what I should have named this blog  LOL!     

What Halloween costumes are you forming in your frugal heads???  I love to go out and see how creative people can be with regular household items.   

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  1. Catching up on some of my blog reading :)

    I used to always pop into the thrift store when my kids were little and we were always able to come up with Halloween costumes on the cheap. And the kids were happy with them too! I just think that is the smart way to go about it because the kids wear those costumes for a couple of hours and then its over. There's no need to spend the big bucks.


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