Monday, October 3, 2011

The Mom In Me Monday ~ Patriotism

FYI we are going way off topic today and I have pulled out the soap box, just so ya know.

I have a big concern with what is going on in our country lately and it is just because I have always felt and taught a great pride in our wonderful country.   I don’t think anyone could happily live if they did not take some pride in what we are as a country.  

Today on the news I heard some protestors and they just make me angry.  They were all wearing socialist and communist logos and saying THE MOST RIDICULOUS things I have ever heard.  How all the rich people should be forced to share all of their money with everyone who does not have money?  How brilliant would that be if we made everyone who worked and was successful give all their money to people that didn’t work.  How long do you think it would be before all the rich guys stopped trying and didn’t make any more money so they would not be forced to give it away?   Not long, then how would we fund all the programs to take care of everyone that just didn’t feel like working?  Not long.   Those protestors were holding up a sign of how much in debt they were, and then the reporter asked them if they would be willing to take a corporate job to pay off their debt and they said NO!   They would rather take our money. 

It was not long ago when being a communist or socialist was taboo.   Well it was not long ago when a lot of things were taboo, so I guess we have to really take stock as mothers and really educate our own children on the most important values we feel are necessary for them to succeed.  Moms we cannot count on the school district to lead our children in the right direction.  So much has to be talked about over and over in daily conversation so that our children’s morals and values are just second nature.  Does your child know the pledge of Allegiance?  My four year old can say it and man is he proud of that.

I am a proud American Mom and I am especially proud of what my own ancestors fought for.  I was a military Mom, and now my son’s father is a disabled Veteran and I am so proud of his service.    I am thankful for all that has served and sacrificed for our freedom and I think it is time we all start getting loud about it. 

Let’s wear our pride and talk about it with others so that those services and those sacrifices are not all just in vain.  The squeaky wheel does get the grease so let’s start making our presence known.  I am not saying we chain ourselves to something and protest because let’s face it I just don’t have time for a protest after I leave work, the grocery store, daycare and soccer practice!  I am saying make it part of your conversations, walk up and shake hands and thank someone who is serving or has served, wear a flag pin, put a flag up at your house, slap a bummer sticker on your car, and most of all teach your children that we are one of the luckiest people in the world because living in the great and awesome United Stated of America is the best place on the planet!  Freedom!   Liberty!   

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  1. I am a supporter of flat taxes...longer story for another time. I love your blog and I think it's great.

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